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Valli Vallamsetla
Product Leader, Health Care

"Rohini embodies courage, empathy, and confidence as coach, excelling in coaching and mentoring her clients through organizational challenges. Her leadership style, infused with humor, fosters a happy and collaborative atmosphere. Demonstrating exceptional conflict resolution skills, she effectively coaches to  drive consensus and communicates seamlessly with diverse audiences, balancing strong opinions with openness to feedback. Rohini prioritizes the personal and career growth of her clients, making her a respected and impactful leader. I would gladly work with her again."

Jeff Decker

Executive Leader, Hospitality Management

"Rohini has been an excellent coach for my recent job interviews, bringing an expert perspective that has helped align our conversations and ultimately build my confidence. For each of our discussions, she always does her homework and comes prepared with questions that get to the heart of the matter. Her style is down to earth and warm, creating a comfortable environment to collaborate. I would highly recommend working with Rohini."

Jean-Paul Chen

People and Operations Leader, High Tech

“Rohini follows a meticulously crafted process that guides you through each essential step in discovering the career and job that align with your aspirations. With her assistance, I've redirected my focus towards professions that resonate with my childhood dreams and values. Leveraging her industry expertise and comprehensive understanding of Silicon Valley roles, Rohini not only designs a personalized work brand strategy but also empathizes with the challenges prevalent in today's workplace. Her invaluable kindness and willingness to share this knowledge make her an exceptional guide in navigating the professional landscape..”
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